Notification Center

We integrate our Speech Technology directly with your customer interaction system and other data sources, on a common automated platform, to create highly targeted notifications – delivering information your customers’ need, as they need it. Communicating with your customers via multiple channels, Email, SMS, Voice and Print. Keeping connected with your customers on any devices and any channel and delivering automated two-way communication resulting in minimizing needs to contact your customers manually.

Key benefits of our solution :

Automate : Using custom workflows and business rules, you can automate many elements of disruption management. From pulling the relevant customer records from your customer information systems, to sending a targeted notification including voice communication to each impacted passenger and feeding their ‘acceptances’ directly back into your system. It means your staff are freed up to focus on the more urgent or complex cases. Or selling.

Prioritize : Manage who you deal with first and how you deal with them and will ensure you are working on the more business critical cases first and make it possible to tailor your communication accordingly. Add a goodwill gesture if needed, and keep them on side – it’s a cheaper option than losing that customer. Using a predefined rule to quickly view and manage your most urgent and important customers first.

Be Flexible : Email, SMS, various apps, social media as well as the automated voice call…. we all connect via a seemingly never-ending list of communication channels. Have the flexibility to send updates to different devices and through different channels for a coherent, consistent message.

Simply choose what modules you need, tell us how you want them to work and start streamlining your workflows and customer communications. The followings are the sample of our modules :

quote1   Service Disruption Notification

quote1   Pre-service Communication

quote1   Service Status Change Notification

quote1   Post-service Communication

quote1   Loyalty Program Communication

quote1   Special Service Handling

Working with our Platform

All of our modules work off the back of the True Voice platform. Everything that is possible on our platform can be extended to each module.