Intelligent Call Routing


True Voice Intelligent Call Routing is reinvention of contact center navigation using Free Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding technology. Customers can speak why they call to the company with their own words instead of following touch-tone based menu.


Intelligent-Call-Routing Enhance customer’s experience
Intelligent-Call-Routing Increase automation
Intelligent-Call-Routing Customer can smoothly find appropriate self-service
Intelligent-Call-Routing Precise call reason with fewer misrouting (agent-to-agent transfers)
Intelligent-Call-Routing Contact center manager can assign narrowed task for new staff
Intelligent-Call-Routing Reduce call duration in IVR
Intelligent-Call-Routing Provide single number for several contact centers

Core Technologies

Intelligent-Call-Routing Free Speech Recognition
Intelligent-Call-Routing True Voice© Automatic Speech Recognition supports natural speech. Customer can speak any phrases rather than just keywords.
Intelligent-Call-Routing Natural Language Understanding
Intelligent-Call-Routing True Voice provides an ability to system to understand customer’s intention and retrieve keywords from what customer speaks.
Intelligent-Call-Routing True Dialog
Intelligent-Call-Routing System leads conversation between customer. It generates additional question to customers if the input is not enough to find appropriate service in the contact center like talking with human.