Call Back


This solution is to help support customer in queue calling to contact center to have more options.  Besides waiting until agent is available, customer can decide to leave message or request with the system and let agent to call back later when available. System can understand or also
prioritize customer’s request in order that agent can respond back based on predefined priority setting.


Call-Back System will increase customer satisfaction from using contact center by reducing time of waiting for agent’s availability. Once agent is available, customer will be contacted immediately.
Call-Back System will reduce Abandon Call Statistics in contact center.
Call-Back Company can assess level of urgency and priority of customer’s need then contact customer back appropriately.
Call-Back System can support more influx calls without increasing more agents such as using for selling product via TV commercial which inducing enormous incoming calls. System will record names and telephone numbers of callers and pass information to agents to contact back to those customers.
Call-Back SMS/e-mail can be integrated in order to send Alert to customer and relevant persons of the company.


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