Ask Me


This Solution will help answer frequent asked questions or favorite questions customers often ask about company’s products and services. The system will listen to what customer needs then understand the question and choose prepared answers to respond back to the customer appropriately.


AskMe System will help reduce no. of incoming calls to agents for asking frequent asked topic or favorite questions. System will understand the requirement then respond as predefined.
AskMe In case customer wants to ask other topics besides the predefined. The system will transfer questions and topics to live agents to support the customer.
AskMe Connecting to IVR system will be required for its installation without interfacing to other back-end systems. According to this, system installation will be completed rapidly.
AskMe Customer does not need to wait on hold to ask for information from live agents.
AskMe SMS/email for sending or responding back to customers can be integrated.
AskMe System can respond to customer in dialog conversation